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Origins Pt. 2: The World of Ravensfall

I can't get into the world Dead of Knight takes place in without mentioning Ravensfall Heroes. In short, it was an overly ambitious project I worked on for about 3 years before I realized just how overly ambitious it was(I'll attach the teaser trailer and link to the old site below). However, I don't feel those years were wasted. It would have been an epic multiplayer D&D style multiplayer game with a true tabletop feel. I created a whole world around this game, and I found a little corner in which Dead of Knight could take place.


The land of Ravensfall technically refers to the eastern coast of the western continent and the western coast. (Note: I am terrible at naming things, much of the following names are subject to change) Eons ago, this land was the center of a single land mass call Genesia. This land was split by a great cataclysm known as 'The Fall'. Legends and myth describe this event as the fall of a massive mystical raven. The surviving groups were scattered far across the world and separated for over a hundred years.

In the time of Dead of Knight, these societies are only recently rediscovering one another. It is a fairly grounded, low fantasy world. Tales of magic wielders from foreign lands and terrible creatures slaughtering local livestock can be heard in the local tavern, but typically are considered as just gossip. It seems there have been many strange happenings since the fabled Great Fall.

The Great Raven brought with it a terrible curse. The dead no longer die. The undead aren't violent zombies, just empty husks with no memory of their past. Eventually, as their minds as bodies rot away, they do sometimes become almost feral and must be exiled out to the wastelands. In the darkest depths of that wasteland, lies The Tower.

In Search of Something

The undead in the world of Ravensfall are inexplicably drawn to The Tower. It seems to call to them like a beacon in the night. The more their minds fade, the stronger the connection. In Dead of Knight, you will play as one of these nameless corpses in search of something. Although, what exactly that is unknown. You will have to plunder the deepest depths beneath and eventually make your way to the top to discover just what dark truths this tower holds.

What will you discover? What secrets will you find? There's only one way to find out! Enjoy the demo and please consider supporting us in some way. Donations, shares and good reviews are appreciated more than you know. (Look below for some more info on Ravensfall Heroes)

Thanks for reading!


A link to the old website:


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