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Press Kit

First of all, thanks for taking an interest in the game! You should find all the info, images, and video below that you will need. As this is currently just a prototype, I will be making changes and updates to this in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly:


Game Name: The Fallen Crown

Developer: Atavist Games

Release Date: TBD

Platform: Game Boy Color, TBD


Contact Email:

Facebook: In Progress



In The Fallen Crown, you can play the way you want. Smash your way through obstacles and rush to the finish line, or be cautious and stealthy, taking your time to sneak up on enemies and scour every corner for secrets.


At its heart, The Fallen Crown is a Metroidvania. You will create many shortcuts in an interconnected world, while acquiring new skills and gear to reach new areas. You will wield daggers, staves, axes, throwing daggers or the classic sword and board, engaging in visceral combat. However, you will also have to be quick on your 'feet'. You'll find yourself jumping off of ledges, pouncing on enemy heads and shooting projectiles more in line with classic games like Super Mario or Megaman.


• Jump, run, smash and shoot your way to victory.

• Upgrade your gear, stats and skills to stay alive(ish).

• Explore a unique and interconnected world, full of secret areas and colorful characters

• Use your trusty map to mark your progress and track down elusive artifacts.

• Change classes on the fly to meet every challenge.

• Master the art of combat to defeat powerful bosses.

• Enjoy classic gameplay within a more 'modern' framework


(Download gameplay trailer here)

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