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Dead of Knight Concept Art

Good News, Everyone!

  Scroll down below to check out the latest news for Dead of Knight and the retro gaming community in general. Stay up to date with the latest game developments, screenshots, milestones and anything we deem cool enough to share.


   Thanks for reading!



Our First Trailer is  Finished!

Close enough to finished, anyway. There's always so much more I wish I could do, but it's good enough for now. I want to give the first time viewer a good sense of what the game is about. Hit play to the left to check it out!


Watch out, Twitter!

In our first step out into the social media landscape, we now have a Twitter account. They tell me that's what the kids are using these days. I've never used Twitter before, so be sure to follow us!  Click here to do just that.

Examining New Tablet


We've got  Merch!

We now have a small selection of shirts, coffee mugs and buttons for sale up on our BRAND NEW store page! It's a great way to show support and look super cool doing it. Click the image on the right or the link in the top menu to check it out. Want a shirt for free? Shout us out, and let us know we should do a giveaway!



We're Starting From Scratch(Kind of)

GB Studio 3.0 is out! I've already begun progress on starting a new version in this version to take advantage of a ton of cool new features. This new version will have bigger and smarter enemies, better UI and menus, parallax scrolling and more! Check out our Dev Blog section for more info.


We are live on!

You can now play the latest version of The Fallen Crown on your phone or in your browser on! Performance is best on original hardware, or even an emulator but it's hard to beat the convenience of playing on your phone. Check it out here!

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