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Pre Alpha  FAQ

First of all, thanks for your interest in The Fallen Crown. If you're a fan of retro games, but you're still looking for new and unique experience, then look no further!

Even if you have played the prototype, there are a lot of new features you may not know about. If are are looking to give some feedback, or have some questions about part of the game, keep on reading. There is a survey(upcoming) that you can fill out if you want to give some direct feedback. Subscribe to up-to-date with the latest news and updates. Thanks so much for your support!

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Frequently Asked Questions

-What's the difference between the Alpha and the Prototype?

  This new alpha was built back from the ground up to take advantage of GB Studio's newest features: Parallax scrolling, improved animations, smarter and deadlier enemies, improved UI, better controls for platforming including double jumps/wall jumps, coyote time, moving platforms and so much more.

  Here are some of the new controls:

  Start - Item Menu

  Up+Start - Gear/Equipment Menu

  Down+Start - Map

  A - Jump

  B - Attack

  Up+B - Weapon Skill

  Down+A - Jump down wooden platforms

  Down+B - Switch between Main Hand and Offhand weapons/Change stance/Change spell

  Select - Quickslot Action 

-How long will the alpha take to beat?

  Currently, a single run through will only take 15 to 20 minutes. However, once you get to the end of the main playable area, you'll get access to some brand new weapons and skills you can play around with. So there's not really an 'end' yet. I'm releasing this first pre alpha mainly to get feedback on combat and movement. There about a dozen rooms to explore and three unique enemy types to encounter.

-Where are the bosses from the prototype? I see boss rooms, but no bosses!

  Oh, they're there, just hidden away for now. I'm getting basic combat fine tuned first, then I'm going to work on improving each mini boss's AI and moveset to provide a better and more varied experience. I already have all their sprite work and animation mostly complete.

-Why is development taking so long?

  I'm only a single developer who owns and runs a whole separate business for a main job. BUT you can help spread the word, and if I can get a publisher to give me some advance funding, development will speed up significantly! I can only dedicate about 10 hours a week to development time as it stands now. 

-I have a cool idea for the game, do you want to hear it?

  Of course! I'm working on a survey you can fill out for just that purpose. When it's done, the link will be here and at the top of the page.

-How long until a physical release?

  The Fallen Crown WILL release physically, but it will be at least a year. Probably closer to 18 months. Without a publisher or some sort of funding, development is slow. There are so many factors, so it's hard to say. I have a lot of lofty goals for this project. Legendary classes, upgradable gear, crafting etc. These things might be best saved for the sequel, but time will tell. But, with YOUR help, we will make it happen!

-How can I support development?

  That's so nice of you to ask! Tell your friends, that's the best and easiest thing to do. You can also donate to me directly on my page when downloading the Alpha or Prototype. One day I may run a kickstarter, in which case your help will be needed. For now though, spread the word!


You can contact me directly with any questions or concerns. It may take some time for me to respond though, sorry.

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