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Moving to GB Studio 3.0

I began working on Dead of Knight when GB Studio had recently released the 2.0 beta. It was missing some key features I was looking for, but I knew they were in development. Things like swapping sprite palettes and parallax scrolling. GB Studio 3.0 has been recently released, and the feature set is so much improved I decided to basically rebuild the game from the ground up.

I feel the biggest difference between these two versions is the sprite editor. It is going to allow for more animation frames and bigger sprites. This will also allow for more fluid animations, combo attacks and more. I have also learned a few tricks with background palettes to create beautiful color gradients I never thought was possible. I'm currently working on bringing these back into what I've already created to get the most out of the Game Boy hardware.

Rebuilding The Tower

Building the game back up from scratch is very time consuming, but I am SO excited about the new features that are going to in the new version of the demo. I've decided to share the current version so maybe some of you can look forward to these new features as well. Here are some cool new features that you will see in the upcoming 3.0 version demo that you won't see in the current playable prototype:

-Additional Classes, gear and weapons!

-Class specific skills, including stealth and magic

-Better animations, menus and navigation

-More characters, more dialogue, more choices

-Cut Scenes

-Additional enemies and improved AI

-New areas to explore

-And much more!

A Dream Deferred

I may have forced myself into another set back doing this reset, but I really feel it's going to be well worth it. Please be sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for new info. In the meantime, please play the 2.5 version prototype and most importantly, have fun!

Thanks for reading!


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The improvement between the 2.x and 3.x graphics is astonishing! Do you think this is mostly down to your own progress as a pixel artist, or features in GB studio? In either case: this is shaping up to be the best-looking game the CGB hardware has ever had.

I'd love to know more about the background palette tricks you've learned to create those beautiful color gradients! (I never thought that was possible, either.)

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